A new relaxing and nourishing body ritual inspired from Japanese tradition.



Through this new body ritual, enjoy a sensorial escape to the heart of Japan and its beautiful landscapes of Cherry trees in blossom.

Sophisticated and nourishing, the Hanakasumi™ body ritual immerses you in the land of the rising sun its evocative and specificatives (Rice powder, Cherry tree flower extract) its delicate fragrance with flowers and Asian scents.

A progress in 5 steps for more than one hour of escape and relaxation.

1-    Awakening prelude

2-    Application of the Cherry blossom - Rice powder gommage (an exfoliating cream with a velvet and aerial texture)

3-    Plantar modeling inspired from reflexology. The objective is to revive vital energy flows, circulation and to flavour relaxation.

4-    Cleansing with Soft exfoliating towels

5-    Application of the Shea butter with Asian scents followed by a modelling.

In order to strengthen the sensorial escape, Sothys has created original and exclusive musics.

Adapted to each stage of the treatment. They combine zen, Asiatic and contemporary inspirations.

And abroad well-being to discover from now on in your Sothys , beauty salon.

At home, recreate the sensorial escape with the satin elixir with Asian essences.

An elixir of beauty which sublimates the skin softens and perfumes it delicately.
Pleasant scents: rice powder enriched in essential oil of Ylang-ylang, vanilla and cistus.

Perfect for modeling.

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